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Lankininkų Kova is a sport team game that has been launched 2011 in the United States, where the official name is "Archery Tag". This sport game is popular all over the world - in Australia, Singapore, Canada, Europe, there are regular training sessions, competitions, tournaments, teams created. The archer's battles started in 2016 in Lithuania. Suitable for people of all ages who like to be active. Recommended from 10 years age.
During the game, teamwork, reaction, co-ordination, speed, agility, instantaneous critical thinking are developed.


Lankininkų Kova - is unique in that;
- painless and safe compared to paintball / airsoft games,
- Playing is possible outdoors and indoors, game field at least 20m x 20m in size,
- no special clothing is required except (wearing a helmet during the game);
- after the game there are no ammunition, paint or other rubbish
- While playing, you can avoid the arrows if you are sufficiently "cool" you can even catch it in the air or knock down with sword!

How to play?
The game itself is similar to paintball, airsoft and even dodgeball. A total of 12 players are involved in the fight, 6 in each team. They aim is in limited period of time, shoot all the opponents using the bow and special, safe arrows. The entire combat area is divided into two equal parts, connected by the central center line and which the participants can not cross, as well as the sides and rear lines. There are 8 obstacles on the site, or else called "bunkers" for which you can hide. Another important element is the targets. Each team has two targets with two circles. Having hit the circle and it falls down, the player returns to the game selectively one of the team members who was "defeated". The pace of the game is individual, depending on each player's abilities.

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